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Personal Transformation Through Shamanism


Shamanism is the most ancient spirituality known to humankind. It is an earth-based spirituality that reveres everything, including our planet Earth, as alive in SPIRIT! In the Shamanic world-view, everything that exists is interrelated, interdependent and the health and survival of humanity and our planet is dependent on maintaining a relationship between Mother Earth and all of Nature Spirits.

My Journey of 25 years has been that of personal healing and the path of Soul Remembering the ways of walking the Shamanic tradition of my ancestors, and integrating this with my professional training as a therapist, energy practitioner, teacher and musician . My work is dedicated to empowering others by guiding and teaching them to access the Shamanic Realm to gain a greater understanding of Shamanism’s benefits for personal and planetary healing, guidance, transformation, and evolution.

My Work ~ Through my private practice, Sound Healing Events, Workshops and my Shamanic Programs, I offer my work in service of Awakening the Evolution of Humanity to its Magnificence — so we may truly realize Heaven on Earth.

Blessings on your journey.



Patricia playing her Journey With Me utilizing her Native American flute:


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“Deepest love and gratitude back to you Patricia White Buffalo! There just are no words to describe how profound, transformative and full of love these past 3 years have been for me. Thank you so so… much”
~ Tracey Coulson, London Graduate, 6/2016
“Patricia! Thank you for an amazing 3 years on this program, it means so much to me! Thank you from the depths of my heart for walking this journey with us, accompanying us to the known and unknown. I don’t have the words to describe how powerful this has been; I hope you can feel what a difference this made to my life and the gratitude and fulfillment in my heart.”
~ Philippa Kennedy, London Graduate, 6/2016
“After three wonderful and very challenging years, I’ve finished Patricia White Buffalo’s program of shamanic practice and self-transformation. As well as forming friendships and heart connections with wonderful people, I’ve gained a true connection to the earth and spirit(s) of nature, and a healing of my birth traumas and developmental woundings and challenges, the skills to navigate astral/shamanic/trans-personal inner and outer scapes and realms, and most importantly of all, a deep connection to my core. Patricia White Buffalo has given me more and more and more – pieces of my soul, love, nurturance, and confidence.”
Justin Bonnet, London Graduate, 6/2016
“I am very grateful to you Patricia White Buffalo (Guru Mama). My inner world and outer world are flourishing and abundant. My prayers and wishes are being answered and granted. Thank-you for your bravery in bringing your gifts to the world, to us, to me. Thank-you for making me see my inner light and those of others more brightly. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

– Carine Bristow, London Graduate, 6/2016
“Patricia’s course offered me such a deepening and grounding of my process continuing on from BBSHE. There are many paths and many medicines but certainly for me this was the as yet missing piece in truly coming back to myself. I have just graduated from the 3 year program in Europe and am not the same person as when I started! I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who feels even remotely drawn!”

– Philippa Kennedy, London Graduate, 6/2016
“Since joining the program I can feel that things are changing for me at the moment, even if the changes are very subtil. I feel more connected with my essence and with my inner dwelling presence. I feel more grounded, more powerful and also more confident about life and being incarnated. I feel now the support and encouragement of my ancestors, my power animals, my guides and archanges. And I feel more confident to communicate with them, as if I could be more opened to a sacred and “magical” dimension which become part of my life. In connection with my inner witness, I am beginning to notice my different behaviors. So, things are changing and I feel good about it.”

– Xavier Martin, France Graduate, 6/2016
“I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful gifts I received from your class. The further I travel on my journey the more I appreciate the tools you have given me. I received a wonderful foundation but all the little extras have really made a difference for me.”
~ Amanda Wallis New York Graduate, 3/2015
©, Be Heaven on Earth

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