New Mexico Shamanic                                Retreat                 

                       ~May 14-18, 2014 ~

 Synergia Ranch Santa Fe                  

"To enter the Shamanic World we most believe in an unseen reality which exists alongside the physical reality of our tangible existence." Micheal Harner 

 In the New Mexico Desert, a land of enchantment, the veil that separates us from non-ordinary reality is magically dissolved allowing the World of Shamanism to be easily entered.

Upon crossing this veil the Shamanic World comes alive, where the Nature Spirits (rocks, trees, sun, water, wind ect.) and Guardian Spirits (Power Animals, Spirit Guides, and the Ancestors) communicate to us for self-discovery, support, guidance, and knowledge to help heal ourselves, others, and the planet.  THE NEW MEXICO SHAMANIC RETREAT will be a gathering of people from all over the globe who feel the calling to AWAKEN THE ANCIENT SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS OF THEIR ANCESTORS SHAMANISM.

 We will be coming together as one tribe, "The Rainbow Tribe", from many nations to participate in several Shamanic traditions for personal, humanity and Earth  healings such as; Ceremony, Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Creating and Walking the Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Sound Healing, Drumming, Trance Dance, Creating Power Objects, and Sacred Art, (Materials will be provided but you are welcomed to bring your own.). Participants will be encouraged to share their Shamanic teachings and traditions which is so critical for the well-being of our world at this time. 

 We also will be spending time communing with the Ancestral Spirits of the New Mexico Desert that are available to all who walk upon this magical, sacred land. We will be calling upon these Spirits of the land to aid us in creating a Medicine Wheel, then we will walk the Wheel on our quest for healing, guidance and support during this exciting time of potential GLOBAL AWAKENING OF HUMANITY.

 All are welcomed-- you do not need to have knowledge of Shamanism, just an open heart and a calling to be present for the purpose of exploring Shamanism for Personal, Humanity and Mother Earth healing. Also participation in all events is voluntary; you are welcomed to come only to enjoy the energy of the land or participant in creating
 sacred objects and art.

This Shamanic retreat has been my personal vision for 20 years I am excited that the time has come to gather
 Mother Earth's tribe 

What past participants have to said:

"Miss Patricia, You must know how special your event was for everyone who participated! I feel very honored to have taken part in what really did developed into a tribal gathering. Those small group conversations around the tables in the court yards, the sipping of early morning coffee with sun lovers by the fire pit. The painting of each other! Working of crafts together. So many perfect moments, that touched the souls of everyone involved. I hope you are proud of what you and your team were able to accomplish, it was magical..... I hold you as a friend, with deepest regard."  Gary Peters,   New Mexico Retreat June, 2012

"What an honor & pleasure it was to be a part of the New Mexico Shamanic Retreat. It was a very cherished experience I will always hold dear to my heart." Anna Ruiz, New Mexico Retreat April, 2011


AMITA,  Meditation Teacher   Over the past 30 years, Amita has taught Intuition Development, the Enneagram of Personality, Women’s Retreats, Shamanic shield making, Art and Meditation. She has a private practice in Madrid New Mexico, where she works with individuals on their relationship to themselves, others and the Universal Consciousness called God. Her training includes: Alchemical Hypnotherapy with David Quigley. This form of hypnotherapy combines shamanism, meditation, intuition, and hypnosis techniques to guide individuals into discovering old patterns, helping them find answers from their own intuition. The study of non-dual reality through the Path of Siddha Yoga. Through this path she developed and deepened her love and devotion through the guru-disciple relationship, meditation, and chanting the names of God.

BOB CALHOUN,  Qigong Teacher  A spiritual seeker for the past 25 years, Bob Calhoun’s travels have taken him throughout the world, including Egypt, India and China, his journeys have led him to study with many teachers.  He has studied hands on healing and reiki for five years at the Michigan Metaphysical Society. A certified hypnotherapist under Sol Lewis and studied hands on healing and psycho-spirituality at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  Also studied Qigong with Michael Winn, Dr. Yang, and Ken Cohen and a registered Yoga teacher. He has also completed a three year program of the study of Shamanism with Patricia White Buffalo.

ANTARA EARTHANGEL DAVIS, BSC,  Shamanism & Sacred Art Teacher
   A Co-director and Teacher at Twin Lotus Center in Santa Cruz, Ca. offering meditation, healings, shamanism, ceremony, and the sacred arts. She co-hosts EarthWisdom Radio show interviewing leading world teachers. Co-founder of Triple Gem Creations, she creates aromatherapy & natural healing botanical products. She apprenticed 8 years with Apache/Mohawk Oh Shinnah  Fastwolf and was initiated into many ceremonial and healing ways. She blends 30 years of Mother Earth teachings with the Father Sky teachings of Mahayana Buddhism and offers students & client's spiritual counsel to find their way back into balance. She has offered Shamanic Sound Healings at community gatherings for over 15 years.  Her personal practice includes Reiki, sound, indigenous crystal healings, bodywork, EFT healings and more.










Synergia Ranch is the location of the Retreat

Synergia Ranch has been my personal retreat for many years. I welcome you to join me in experiencing the magic of the land where the spirits of the desert come alive. Synergia Ranch is located 2o minutes from Santa Fe and 45 minute's drive from Albuquerque.

It is set on 111 acres of high desert prairie, dotted with pinon and juniper trees. At an elevation of 6,250 ft. and with its many shade trees, the Ranch is a veritable oasis in the desert. It offers comfortable rustic accommodations nestled in a cozy adobe courtyard with a dining area providing three buffet style meals daily. 

Meals: Provided by Margaret Augustine an amazing chief who makes her meals worth the cost of the whole retreat. She simply makes food look and taste DELICIOUS! A variety of cuisines can be requested including vegetarian.

 Take a look at the menu: 

~ Couscous Royal w/chicken Pita Bread/North African Salad/Coconut Ginger Flan 

 ~Spinach Goat Cheese Quiche/Carrot Ginger Soup/Mediterranean Salad/Fruit

 ~Pepita-Crusted Salmon (or Tofu) w/Toasted Cumin Tomato Sauce/Mixed Rice/Asparagus w/toasted sesame seeds and Garden Salad/Rice Cakes w/raspberry sauce 

 ~Rosemary/ Fennel Roasted Chicken/Baked Sweet Potatoes/Green Beans with Tomatoes and Marjoram/Garden Salad/Apple Cobbler 

~Green Korma Chicken Curry/Basmati Rice, Nan, Mango Chutney/Vegetables and Garden Salad/Mango Sorbet 

To learn more about the Ranch go to:
Directions to the Ranch:

(Includes all events, 12 meals & transportation from Santa Fe, to Synergia Ranch)

Commuter (no lodging) $475

Rooms with Showers & bathrooms in separate near by facilities:

Double Occupancy  $575 / Single Occupancy $650

Rooms with Showers & bathrooms in room

Double Occupancy  $750 / Single Occupancy $850

(You are welcome to come early or stay over for an additional price. Prices are included in registration form, please indicate on registration form)

Transportation from Albuquerque to Santa Fe can be provided by:
Airport Shuttle Santa Fe: Drop-off: South Side at the Rail Runner 599 Station, Santa Fe / One Way $27 Per Person/Round Trip $47 Per Person

New Mexico Rail Runner Express:  Albuquerque to Santa Fe, Drop-off: Rail Runner 599 Station / One Way $7 / Round Trip $14

Transportation to and from Synergia Ranch to Santa Fe is provided FREE:
Pick-up /
 Rail Runner Station 599 in Santa Fe, (Other locations in Santa Fe can be made with pre-notice) 

Drop off /Rail Runner Station 599 in Santa Fe, (Other locations in Santa Fe can be arranged with pre-notice) 

* NOTE: Participants most schedule 2 weeks before starting of retreat for the FREE Shuttle

Retreat Schedule May 14-18, 2014:
~Wednesday, check-in from 2-6pm/ welcome dinner from  6:30-7:30pm
~Wednesday, Opening Ceremony & Teachings  7:45-9:30pm / Movie Night, (Dream Keeper)

~Thursday through Saturday there will be three meals served: Breakfast at 8pm Lunch at 1pm and Dinner at 7pm

~Thursday thru Saturday, Qigong from 8:45 to 9:45am, (With Bob Calhoun) and Meditation & Chanting from 10 to 11am, (with Amita). Then full day and night Shamanic events, (Refer to list above).

~Sunday, (Breakfast & Lunch only will be served) Final Shamanic Journey, Group Healing with Patricia, Amita, Antara & Bob. Celebration and Closing Ceremony, retreat ends after lunch at 3pm

Registration Information:
Deadline to register:  April 1, 2014 / Balance due by April 22, 2014 

To reserve: Pay a $100 deposit and fill out a registration form

 To pay by credit card or check Call 831-457-4056 or 



Link to an interview with Patricia and Juli Gumbiner a recent graduate of the program:

London, March, (Enrollment OPEN)


 CRETE GREECE June 13-15

 Santa Cruz Oct.25-26




New Mexico Shamanic Retreat May 14-18 


*VISION QUEST 2015  Oct., Joshua Tree National Park, Ca. 

* CD
"Journey with Me"

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