Shamanic Vision Quest


October, 13-18, 2018



Since time immemorial, people have gone to the wilderness to seek guidance and renewal, to let their old lives and old selves die, to find the conditions where spirit may rekindled, reborn within them.” A Vision Quest is a personal spiritual journey undertaken by someone as a rite of passage, a means towards reaching a turning point in life in order to find oneself & seek a vision for one’s spiritual & life direction. Similar to an initiation in some Native American cultures. We will be taking this rite of passage in the desert of New Mexico. Bob Calhoun, Cheryl Slover-Linett and Larry Glover will personally guide participants on this quest which includes teachings, sharing, & ceremony, with 4 days & 3 nights of personal Vision Questing ending a evening soaking in the famed Ojo Caliente Hot Springs. The New Mexico Desert has been the site of Patricia’s several personal Vision Quest’s and she welcomes sharing this magical place where the veil between the worlds is naturally lifted for journeyers to enter the Shamanic realm.vqbear

The Benefits of a Vision Quest:
~ Curing emotional, physical, spiritual illnesses
~ Discover your mission here
~ Commune with nature, spirit, your spirit guides or deceased ancestor
~ Move beyond out molded paradigm ~ Find truth, balance and peace
~ Gain strength and courage to stand alone

Schedule of Events:
~ Pre and post support lass- Dates & times to be determined
~ Saturday October 13: meet in Santa Fe for morning departure; arrive at campsite in Ojo Caliente area to setup camp; find personal Vision Quest spot; ceremonies to prepare for the quest.
~ Sunday  October 14: Questers depart in morning with drumming and smudging
~ Monday October 15: Day 2
~ Tuesday October 16: Day 3 of quest
~ Wednesday October 17: Questers return with drumming and smudging; sacred circle to share experiences: a celebratory meal and optional evening visit Ojo Caliente Hot Springs for soaking and star-gazing
~ Thursday October 18: closing circle and remembrance ceremony; gratitude to the spirits of the land; return Santa Fe by noon.

Your Guides: Bob Calhoun, Cheryl Slover-Linett and  Larry Glover

BOB Cbobwebsitepic-e1450330985409-150x150ALHOUN, Teacher for the California & New Mexico Program & Vision Quest Guide
A spiritual seeker for the past 25 years, Bob Calhoun’s travels have taken him throughout the world, including Egypt, India and China, his journeys have led him to study with many teachers. He has studied hands on healing and Reiki for five years at the Michigan Metaphysical Society. A certified hypnotherapist under Sol Lewis and studied hands on healing and psycho-spirituality at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Also studied Qigong with Michael Winn, Dr. Yang, and Ken Cohen and a registered Yoga teacher. He has also completed a three year program of the study of Shamanism with Patricia White Buffalo and has also lead three of the Programs Vision Quest.

                                         Cheryl Slover-Linett: (Ojibwa name: Niizh Ishkode Kway, Two Fire Woman)  Cheryl founded Lead Feather in 2008 and organizes all of Lead Feather’s journeys.  Driven by a desire to share her passion with others, she helps connect people to nature…and ultimately to themselves.  Born on the Navajo (Diné) reservation, she was the first white baby to be born in the Ft. Defiance, AZ hospital.  She lived on Diné lands for the first two years before her family moved to the east coast.  Also a long-time researcher and arts consultant, Cheryl blends leadership with self-discovery.

Larry Glover: (Ishkode Mukwa, Fire Bear) Both a professional wilderness guide and an experiential learning coach, Larry has intertwined nature and the human potential arenas for more than 40 years.  He has worked internationally in the realms of leadership, creativity and high performance teams and has facilitated over 6,000 guided client days, often in remote settings.  He leads The Wild Resiliency Institute, founded to support people in celebrating their love of nature as a conscious path into wholehearted living and well-being.  Larry has led journeys with Lead Feather since 2012.


More Info and to Register: Cheryl Slover-Linett
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