Awaken to your Magnificence Download

Awaken to your Magnificence ~ Digital Download


Take a Journey with us! We encourage your spirit to awaken through this unique collection of music that takes you from deep in the belly of the Earth, up into heavenly realms and back again. Journey courtesy of the extraordinary vocalist/soundhealer Joy Adler and brilliant compositions of pianist Bill Pernice and master percussionist Michael T.A. Thompson.

Interspersed with the songs are 3 shamanic journeys into the Earth, the heart, and the heavens led by shamanic sound & energy healers WhiteBuffalo, Amita, Kate Pernice, and Antara. These are sounds forays into the mystic landscape of your being.

The CD songlist includes tender power ballads aimed directly for the heart, hip shaking grooves, breathtaking poetry and guided visualizations. It culminates in a foot-stomping gospel singalong.

©, Be Heaven on Earth