Biography & Testimonials

Patricia White Buffalo B.S. Patricia combines her Shamanic tradition and deep connection with the Earth Spirits with her professional training as a teacher, therapist, energy practitioner, and musician to guide and heal others for personal transformation and awakening. Patricia began with traditional training at San Jose State University in Psychology and then trained in Hands-on Healing and Transpersonal Psychology with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

She’s also a graduate of The Center for Intentional Living training in Early Childhood Development, and The Core Energetic Institute specializing in body-psycho-therapy. In addition, as a member of Siddha Yoga for 28 years, she shares her devotional practice of divine worshiping (Bhakti) in the form of chanting (Kirtan) in all her work.

Patricia brings her love of music and its healing power to her Shamanic Sound-Journey Healing Events.  As a musician playing the Native American drum, rattle, flute, and chanting of ancient indigence sounds, to induce trance somatic states for healing and transformation. She has produced a CD titled, “Journey With Me,” featuring Shamanic guided journeys.

Patricia’s 30 years of professional experience have included: a private practice, a teacher and Assistant Dean for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a facilitator of Shamanic retreats and workshops, and a teacher for healing programs internationally.

She currently is the founder and director of, “Walking the Shaman’s Path”, a Personal Transformational and Shamanic Training Program. Taught in California, Iceland, and France. A unique and extensive 3-year training program specializing in Shamanism with the teachings of “The Wheel of Awakening,” her complete model for personal healing and transformation and SELF-realization.

Continuing her own personal journey of self-healing and awakening, Patricia has been traveling to the jungle of Peru for the last 9 years to take part in plant medicine ceremonies with the Shipibo Shamans at the Caya Shobo Retreat Center.  She has found the experience with the shamans so healing and transformative she now hosts an annual retreat to Caya Shobo for the graduates of her Shamanic Program.


1“I attended a Soul Retrieval Workshop with Patricia White Buffalo and was transformed by the experience. I came away with gifts that are still working on me. I found parts of myself that had been exiled, split off, and whose aliveness now in my being allow me to show up in the world in more powerful ways. Patricia White Buffalo is a powerful teacher & healer. Her roots are deep & wide and she helps us to find our own roots, & by grounding deeply, we learn how to fly.” – Helen Klonaris, Oakland

2“Patricia White Buffalo’s teaching style is creative, organic, intuitive, fun, whole-hearted, and authentic. Her ability to weave and integrate her experience, both professional and personal, and her training from a multitude of very impressive sources creates an amazing environment for growth and transformation. Patricia is genuinely, deeply committed to her work and it manifests in her ability to work on all levels, and with all people. She possesses that rare spark of genius which allows her to visualize and comprehend difficult concepts, and bring them into clear perspective for her students and clients. She brings a vision of healing for people and the Earth that is all-encompassing and relevant for this critical age and time in history. To work with Patricia is to become connected to what matters most – heart, soul, humanity, compassion and *fun*” – Mona Chatterji, Arizona

3“I cannot say enough about Patricia as a teacher. She not only comes with an extensive educational background, but also has many years of teaching experience with students and teacher training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing as well as healing events outside of the school. I have personally found the shamanic practices and the teachings of The Wheel of Awakening to be deeply insightful and empowering on many levels. Patricia is a powerful and dynamic healer with a huge, compassionate heart with which she holds all who come for teaching and healing.” – Patricia Eschuk, Winnipeg  
4“Big things in small packages……..! A powerhouse of fun, love, and laughter! The soft, vulnerable places you shared and the inner wisdom and strength that ground you. Heaven is in the earth…and being in your presence is one of its greatest gifts.” – Liz Brown, Florida  
5“Patricia White Buffalo is a dynamic teacher. She has the great gift of bringing clarity, and depth to complex spiritual concepts. She not only brings her deep understanding, her integrity, her passion, and her humor to her teaching about the path of awakening, she also creates such an invitation that one cannot pass up the opportunity to take the leap for themselves!” – Kate Pernice, New York  
7“Out of all of the teacher’s I have had, Patricia has an amazing, moving and inspiring ability to hold both groups an & individuals in deep process. Her authentic power & the healing energy she can generate is formidable. This Apache – Mexican Indian woman brings the essence of Shamanism and Healing in a way that demystifies the mystical, supports the individual, encourages creativity, whilst at the same time creating a safe container for exploration & healing. Her training contains sufficient structure to keep things safe & enough freedom to encourage the blossoming talents & current abilities of the aspirant Shamans. Out of all the trainings I have ever done, Patricia White Buffalo has provided the most support and acknowledgement of me as an individual & a fellow professional.” – John L. Payne, California Program, Author of The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations  
1“You have shared with us your beautiful light, as well as your terror and fear ~ and you have demonstrated to us the way through, coming full circle. I honor you for being the powerful teacher and Shaman that you are. Thank you for gifting us with your teaching and your medicine wheel.” – Johanna Smith, New Jersey
2“Patricia White Buffalo is an extraordinarily gifted teacher and healer. Her amazing spiritual teachings are integrated so precisely and in such a grounded and human way. She is a true gift to humanity and to the planet, and I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to experience her incredible work.”   – Anne Renton, California  
3What a tremendous energy you create!! Your authenticity, power, and your deep commitment is much valued and I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart… you ancient soul.”   – Tim Cruz, California
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