Faculty Members

To learn more: About Patricia Although I will be the main teacher for all the programs, I have invited several seasoned, knowledgeable, and well trained healing professionals. They will be teaching specific segments within the program, and will contribute their own specialties resulting in the deepening of each student’s knowledge and experiences. I am fortunate to have gathered such gifted teachers and grateful to them for joining me on this exciting adventure and welcome them wholeheartedly.
AMITA, Adviser & Senior Teacher for all Programs
Over the past 30 years, Amita has taught Intuition Development, the Enneagram of Personality, Women’s Retreats, Shamanic shield making, Art and Meditation. She has a private practice in Madrid New Mexico, where she works with individuals on their relationship to themselves, others and the Universal Consciousness called God. Her training includes: Alchemical Hypnotherapy with David Quigley. This form of hypnotherapy combines shamanism, meditation, intuition, and hypnosis techniques to guide individuals into discovering old patterns, helping them find answers from their own intuition. Enneagram of Personality with Helen Palmer. The study of non-dual reality through the Path of Siddha Yoga. Through this path she developed and deepened her love and devotion through the guru-disciple relationship, meditation, and chanting the names of God. amita@amitashakti.com website amitashakti.com
KATHY BOWER BS , Senior Teacher for the California Program
Kathy is a warm and insightful teacher, mentor, and holistic health practitioner. She has been a Senior Teacher for the California Walking the Shaman’s Path Program for over 6 years and shares her passion for this work in teleconferences with all of the students worldwide. She has been on the faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for over 12 years and is currently the Dean of Year 2. Her training as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Brennan Integration Practitioner & Supervisor reflects a unique synthesis of energy awareness, high sense perception, hands-on healing, and facilitating individuals and groups in personal transformation through the psych-spiritual process. Kathy is passionate about bringing awareness to the mind, body, spirit connection and empowering people to connect with their own natural gifts of healing. Kathy works with clients from all over the world in her private practice and facilitates workshops internationally. Kathy’s training also includes Native American Shamanism, Tibetan Shamanism, Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Building Sustainable Groups & Intentional Communities, Conscious Conflict and is Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy. kathy@energyaware.com
BOB CALHOUN, Teacher for the Vision Quest
A spiritual seeker for the past 25 years, Bob Calhoun’s travels have taken him throughout the world, including Egypt, India and China, his journeys have led him to study with many teachers. He has studied hands on healing and Reiki for five years at the Michigan Metaphysical Society. A certified hypnotherapist under Sol Lewis and studied hands on healing and psycho-spirituality at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Also studied Qigong with Michael Winn, Dr. Yang, and Ken Cohen and a registered Yoga teacher. He has also completed a three year program of the study of Shamanism with Patricia White Buffalo. rc_qi@yahoo.com

ARAMAE FLOERKEMEIER MSC, Teacher for the France and Iceland Program
Annette is a loving and natural teacher and a sensitive and powerful healer. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe and works from her private practice and internationally as a Brennan Integration Practitioner with students and clients for supervision and process work. She combines hands-on healing, shamanism and psycho-spiritual wisdom with her 2o years experience as a teacher for management skills, team-building and self-development. She warmly and compassionately supports people to retrieve their sadly missed soul parts, to find their true selves and their shining essence. Annette empowers her clients to live up to their true longing and provides group work for personal transformation. She has graduated as a shamanic practitioner in Patricia White Buffalo’s three year program “Walking the Shaman’s Path”. Annette deepened her skills to evoke her student’s natural gifts with her vision and creativity. floerkemeier@heal-yourself.de

VOLKER CHIEF SKYEAGLE MSC, Teacher for the France Program
Sky is a totally present, empathetic, authentic and powerful teacher and shamanic energy practitioner. Formally educated as an agricultural economist he lives his love for people, animals and nature on a farm in the rural hills of Northern Germany. For over 16 years he has worked as an author and editor for televison-drama. Trained in and working with the emotional character concept (L. Hutzler) he has a deep understanding for human craving and suffering. Sky’s mission statement which he passes to everybody is “mitakuye oyuasin”; We (humans, mother earth, nature, nature, nature spirits, everything) are all related. Sky runs his own shamanic practice and holds workshops for clearing unhealthy energy forms. He also offers houseclearing, storytelling, powerplace-hiking and sweatlodges. Sky is a geomancer and periodically arranges earth healing excursions, he has graduated as a shamanic practitioner in Patricia White Buffalo’s three year program “Walking the Shaman’s Path”. vhc@pielert.de
KRISTI PIPER MA, Teacher for the New Mexico Program
FullSizeRenderKristi has a private healing practice in Urbana, Illinois, and also works with clients long-distance throughout the United States. Kristi is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing— a licensed university for the study of the human energy field, hands-on healing and transpersonal psychology. She studied medical intuition with Carolyn Myss and life-hood regression with Brian Weiss. Kristi was trained in the Yaqui Indian tradition of shamanism. She has taken courses with Barbara Marx Hubbard, a pioneer in conscious evolution. Kristi received graduate degree in Spiritual Direction and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago. trinityhealings.com
LISA GOODENOUGH, Teacher for the California Program
Lisa is a kind hearted, and empathic spiritual teacher. She has embraced the study of self-healing and spiritual awareness for many years. Living in Felton, California, Lisa enjoys being an active mother of two boys. She has studied Reiki, and Massage Therapy at Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts. In addition, her life long connection with horses brought her to become certified in the methodology of E.A.G.A.L.A (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association), where the energy and spiritual sensitivity of horses guides one through the human healing experience. She has been working with ancient plant teachers and currently assists and helps facilitate sacred ceremony with healing plant medicine. Also, she completed Patricia’s three Year “Walking the Shaman’s Path Program” in 2013, and has done an apprenticeship in Patricia’s current CA program. The shining light of Lisa’s heart, will help guide you to a new realization, of a self that may have been long forgotten. horsinaround007@hotmail.com
ELIF OZKOC, Teacher for the France Program
Elif is a loving empath and a compassionate healer with a degree in fine arts. Since 2008, she has been spending certain months of the year in South America, with elders in sacred ceremonies, soul quests that holds ancient ways of life. Her practice is based on holding a sacred space and container for individuals and groups to unite with their essence, access their own inner wisdom and to get in touch with their greater intention in their own lives. She is graduated from BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts in 2006, founded by a healer of Native American descent, George Kamana Hunter. After Patricia found her in Istanbul she was invited to be one of her apprentices in Walking the Shaman’s Path in France. She is a 2016 graduate. She is based in Istanbul now and offers her soul’s medicine through energy healing, shamanic ways, visionary art ad sacred rituals.www.sacredseven.org
FLORENT DECHOZ, Teacher for the France Program
Florent is a qualified  Osteopath and Acupuncturist at his private practice in Montpellier, France. He has explored Shamanic Initiation in South America during the last fifteen years (2017) and graduated as a Shamanic Practitioner  from Patricia White Buffalo’s  3 years program “Walking the Shaman’s Path”. He leads Soul retrieval groups and individual sessions allowing participants to explore deeper into their  inner being through connection to their heart and spirit encouraging healing and greater awareness of the authentic self . He is an Essenian Teacher (Patrick Peytavi) and graduated of Irene Tobler and Michael Mervosh Pschoenergetic Program and Author of  “L’expérience chamanique ; Pour sortir des traumatismes et retrouver la puissance créatrice de son Âme”, éditions Véga. Web site:lechantdesreves.com

FRANCOISE BONNAL, Teacher for the France Program
Françoise is a searcher. She explored the planet (globe trotter), academic disciplines (English, Political Science, Public and International Affairs, Clinical Psychology) and multinational corporations (marketing manager). It is thanks to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Advanced Studies), that she finally found the magnificent vision of one unified world of energy-consciousness and explored it deeper (PsychoEnergetics, Transgenerational Analysis, Shamanism). Françoise is now happy to transmit what helped her grow. A Psychoenergetician practitioner in Paris, she also offers energy-consciousness workshops and a one-year multidisciplinary cycle “Growing on one’s soul’s path”. Being a teacher, in Patricia’s programme is a beautiful opportunity to spread the precious wisdom of the Amerindian people. Françoise published La Belle histoire de Dieu et nous. ALTESS ; La Réalliance, Payot ; Petites révélations pour devenir soi. Jouvence.

MINA MARMOL BA, Teacher for the Telecourses in all Programs
As a clairvoyant and intuitive healer, Mina is passionate about her work in the Healing Arts. Early Trauma Resolution and Somatic Attachment work are current areas of focus in her Shamanic practice. Recently Mina began teaching Teleconferences on Trauma and Adult Attachment Survival Styles for the U.S. and European Walking the Shaman’s Path Programs [2015]. Mina has completed two of Patricia White Buffalo’s programs: Awaken to Your Magnificence [2010] and Walking The Shaman’s Path [2013]. In 2014 she completed a ‘Healing Early Attachment Wounds’ training with Diane Poole Heller. She also has certification as a Consulting Hypnotherapist with the Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland, CA [2011]. dharmalightstar@gmail.com Website: minamarmol.com
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