Journey With Me Download

Journey With Me ~ Digital Download


Featuring Native American Flute, Drumming and Spoken Words by Patricia WhiteBuffalo
Synthesizer by Bill Pernice

The heart moving sound of the Native American flute calls the listener to the gateway of the shamanic world. A soft and gentle voice accompanied by a heartbeat drum rhythm leads you through the lower, middle and upper worlds of this ancient realm. The trance sounds of the Winds of Change Ensemble, (Patricia, Norma Cordova & Antara Davis) free you to travel to any of the shamanic realms you choose as you navigate the shaman's canoe.



1. Journey With Me
Native flute opens the heart in preparation for the journey.

2. Journey To The Core of Mother Earth (Guided)
Lower World: Journey to the center of the Earth to be blessed and guided by Mother Earth & your power animal.

3. Journey On The Surface Of Mother Earth (Guided)
Middle World: Journey along a riverbank & commune with nature spirits to receive guidance and teachings from them.

4. Journey Above Mother Earth (Guided)
Upper World: Journey into the clouds upon a carpet of white feathers to meet your winged ally & discover true wisdom.

5. Solo Journey (Unguided)
The listener is given the freedom to explore any of the shamanic realms they choose.

6. Shaman’s Canoe (Unguided)
The shaman’s canoe is traditionally used to travel through the shamanic world. The Winds of Change Ensemble invites you to set your intention & ride in their canoe to a magical realm.


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