More about my teachings

What is Shamanism:
Shamanism is an Earth Based Spirituality holding the belief that everything on the Earth is alive with spirit. Humanity stays in balance by communing with these Earth Spirits and by walking a path that is in spiritual harmony with them. This way of communing and walking upon the Earth has been lost but one can reconnect to this world by journeying to the Shamanic realm. The Shamanic realm, I believe, is a reality that was created by our ancestors who practiced Shamanism on every continent since the beginning of time. Our ancestors hold this world for us, for our healing, guidance, protection, and support. And we can enter this realm by learning how to go into an altered state and traveling with our spirit body.

I teach participants in my workshops and my Programs how to enter the Shamanic realm. The Shamanic realm has been used for healing and connection with the Earth Spirits for millenniums. It’s as old as humanity. You can see and feel the power and strength in it. We enter the Realm and our Power Animals, Ancestors, the four directions, Mother Earth, the Moon, and the Stars, all come alive in Spirit as well as the heavens above. In the Shamanic realm, the protection and the knowledge of the ancestors are there to help us.

I teach Shamanism,(Earth Spirituality), I do not teach Native American teachings. I encourage participants to enter through their own cultural door to their shamanic ancestry. I open the door to my ancestry, and then I guide my students to connect to their own Shamanic Ancestry. Yours may be Celtic, Goddess, Pagan, or the many hundreds of Shamanic traditions. I help those who join my Workshops or my Program to find their own Ancestral Shamanic Roots. Shamanism is practiced in the present, and I want participants to learn how to access the Shamanic Realm to receive knowledge and learn how to work with the Earth Spirits.

How does my teaching of Shamanism differ from other courses:
Firstly, the content may be similar to other Shamanic courses, but I teach it and hold the space in my own way, which is quite different from how it’s often taught. I draw upon my experience as a senior teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and my experience as a body psychotherapist, to transmit the frequency of the Shamanic realm very deeply and strongly, so that it can be felt even in the body. Metaphorically, I open the doors to the Shamanic realm, in a profound and secure way, so that you are held and supported. This really helps newcomers to the work to ‘find’ the Shamanic realm within themselves, and is useful for advanced practitioners, because it helps them connect even more deeply.

Secondly, when I teach journeying, we enter the Shamanic realm through the heart chakra, into the body. There’s no danger of those journeys being ungrounded, unsafe, or head-based- it’s grounded into the body, into the earth. So the healing work that happens can come all the way down.

Thirdly, we also do a lot of shamanic sound healing and physical movement through Trance Dance, this helps in clearing and charging the lower chakras of the participants, which really helps with grounding, and coming into your power. To do this kind of work, you need to be deeply connected to the earth, and that comes with having strong, open, and charged lower chakras. So the clearing I do with everyone really helps this Shamanic work to integrate, and it helps people to connect with their own inner power.

Fourthly, I empower my participants by teaching them how to enter and commune in the shamanic realm for themself and others to perform the art of SOUL RETRIEVAL.

Who would benefit from Shamanism:
1. Newcomers to Shamanism, who want to learn what it’s about, how to journey and do Soul Retrievals, and want a safe and grounded space to learn and be supported in

2. Advanced Shamanic Practitioners, who want support to connect even more deeply with the Shamanic realm, and want to embody their Shamanism and Shamanic roots more fully.

3. Therapists and healers (reiki, spiritual healing, etc.) who want to bring the tools of Shamanism into their professional practice.

4. People who want to experience and receive deep healing, to transform something within themselves, or to re-discover a lost part of themselves. I welcome you with all my heart and invite you to journey with me.

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