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With my professional training, personal experience, and my natural shamanic abilities, I guide clients into an altered state to aid them in transforming their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies toward a healthier state of being. This healthier state more truly reflects their innate wisdom and divinity, allowing them to bring their soul presence forward. Working at this level accesses an unlimited possibility for improved physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, and a deeper trust and connection to spirit. This can often bring peacefulness and joy to life regardless of your life circumstances.

The sessions may include therapeutic/spiritual counseling, body-centered therapy, hands-on healing, shamanic guided journeys, soul retrieval, breath-work, and regression work to assist the healing process.

I see each of my client’s healing journeys as uniquely individual and use treatment that specifically meets their needs.
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Note: My work is intended to enhance not replace conventional medical services or professional psychotherapy consultation.


  • Soul Retrieval – Re-integrate lost parts of your soul.
  • Ancestral Healing – Clearing & repairing ancestral lines.
  • Energy Cleansing – Removal of unhealthy energy & blocks.
  • Death & Dying – Preparation & support through the death process.
  • Cellular Healing – Awakening the divine perfection within each cell.
  • Personal Ritual – Creating personal rituals for clients’ individual needs.
  • Power Retrieval – Re-connecting with your power animal & spirit guides.
  • Past Life Regression – Discovering recurring issues & relationship patterns.
  • Trauma Healing – Bringing wholeness back from victims of incest, abuse, & injury.
  • Soul Remembering – Re-connecting to past incarnations for past knowledge & gifts.
  • Support for Surgery – Strengthening the whole being to better recover from surgery.
  • Organ Cleansing & Balancing – Clearing any obstructions/bringing harmony & balance.
  • Shamanic Journey – Personally guide & accompany the client to the Shamanic World for healing.
  • Hands-on Healing – Repairing, clearing, balancing, & strengthening the Human Energy Field (Aura).
  • Elemental Healing – The practice of channeling the elements of earth, wind, fire and wind for healing.
  • Emotional Healing – Support 0f all forms of emotional pain, depression, addiction, grief, & physical illness.


Physical Level

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Decreases or eliminates pain
  • Supports the body’s release of toxins
  • Cuts recovery time for surgery in half
  • Enhances your natural healing process
  • Uncovers the deeper meaning of illness
  • Increases your energy level and vitality
  • Clears disease-causing elements from the body
  • Clears chemotherapy and radiation from the body

Emotional Level

  • Brings harmony and balance
  • Provides support for life transitions
  • Stabilizes a person who is traumatized
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Releases old, stagnate, emotional pain and trauma
  • Brings insights and healing to relationship patterns
  • Promotes self love, self-acceptance, and healthy lifestyle choices

Mental Level

  • Disciplines the mind
  • Increases personal power
  • Clarifies and brings peace of mind
  • Supports healthier thought patterns

Spiritual Level

  • Brings deeper meaning to life
  • Brings realization to the True Self
  • Awakens spiritual longing and creativity
  • Deepens connection with your inner spiritual guidance
  • Strengthens alignment with your intentions and life purpose

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I have mastered the ability to go into an altered state of consciousness at will, for purposes of entering into a non-ordinary reality of the Shamanic World, to acquire the knowledge and power it offers for healing. I have the ability to see, hear, interpret, and communicate in this non-ordinary reality.

I access helpers in the form of power animals, nature spirits, guardian spirits, and the ancestors to aid me in the healing work of the client. I utilize several basic core shamanic techniques to serve the specific needs of my client. These techniques can include shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, soul remembering, power animal retrieval, extraction healing, past-life healing, energy healing, ancestral healing, and elemental healing. I integrated with these core techniques a perceptive blend of hands-0n-healing and shamanic techniques that I have developed through my own practice. They include sound, cellular, quantum, creation, and destiny healings.

In my work, I also empower clients by teaching and training them to access the Shamanic World and use shamanic techniques for their own personal guidance, support, self-healing, and to form a closer connection to their spiritual source.

As a therapist and teacher of trans-personal psychology, I assess and educate clients on their state of development at the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. This brings greater understanding to the energetic, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental work necessary for the well-being and healing of the client. I use my personally designed transformational model, The Wheel of Awakening, to accomplish this task.

The Wheel of Awakening is a three-stage process that includes: The Foundational Journey, developed for receiving and strengthening early childhood stages to provide a healthier sense of self that can care for the physical and emotional needs of the client. The Transformational Journey is designed for dismantling and replacing unhealthy false belief systems to provide a healthier ego that supports the daily tasks of living. The Inner Dwelling Journey was created to realize and strengthen the truth of who we are, at the highest spiritual level, for true liberation and peace of the soul. This model of transformation and realization clearly maps out the process necessary to reach greater states of well-being, balance, clarity, health, peace, and liberation.

As a Barbara Brennan Energy Practitioner, I combine high sense perception and hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes that touch every aspect of life. This process offers the opportunity to transform and heal in a completely new paradigm of healing. Whether you want to resolve a physical ailment, heal a relationship, or find a new direction for your life, I evaluate your energy field and help you identify the root causes of your core issues. While you lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table, your energy field will be cleared, charged, repaired, and balanced, releasing toxins and clearing energy blocks in the Human Energy Field (aura). This process releases past traumas, old belief systems, and supports medical treatment, and personal wellness on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This clears the way for new energy to flow. The healing also affects the client on all four dimensions: the physical, the auric field (chakras and etheric bodies), the level of intention (hara), and the level of the divine essence (core star). To read more: Barbara Brennan School

As a BIP I have been trained to provide Brennan Integration work as well as supervision for current students and graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). The work focuses on psychodynamic and spiritual awakening work with body-centered energy awareness to deepen and enliven your personal process. I also bring my experience as a graduate and a former teacher of the school for 13 years to my individual sessions to deepen your transformational process. BIP sessions can be used to satisfy the BBSH requirement for 18 personal process sessions during the school year.

As a supervisor, I bring my 18 years of experience as a shamanic and energy practitioner, and a therapist, to provide professional supervision services for practitioners in the Healing Arts profession. In my sessions practitioners can present clients for evaluation, guidance, and support or receive additional training techniques. I also provide emotional support that can be beneficial for practitioners.

I offer all my work long distance by phone. I am able to connect energetically with my clients to facilitate healing on all four planes of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I connect to the holographic template so the healing work is just as powerful as it would be in person. Long-distance work begins with a telephone conversation discussing the client’s goals and areas of focus. Then the client stays on the phone while I work energetically, guiding the client throughout the process.

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Note: My work is intended to enhance not replace conventional medical services or professional psychotherapy consultation.

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