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Walking the Shaman’s Path

A Personal Transformation & Training Program


“Patricia White Buffalo has created a unique and powerful program that heals and awakens people on every level. I cannot recommend this work enough. It is profound. Perfect for individuals wanting to heal lost soul parts and early childhood experiences and any practitioner wanting to bring highly effective Shamanic techniques to their practice.”
~Jane, California, Graduate of the New Mexico Program

We are very excited to introduce, WALKING THE SHAMAN’S PATH, a Shamanic Personal Transformational & Training Program! A unique, extensive, program that includes all the basic teachings of the shamanic practice, but more importantly, it offers A POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE HEALING EXPERIENCE! While holding the basic belief that no one can take another where they have not walked themselves, you will be trained as a Shamanic Practitioner who has walked their own personal path of Self-Healing & Self Realization.

You will develop mastery of the Shamanic Journey and communication in the Shamanic Realm, learn several core shamanic techniques, as well as advanced techniques. Also included in the training is the basic art of Hands-on healing that has been blended with Shamanism. 

The program will also incorporate the modern sciences of anatomy, epigenetics, and quantum physics to develop a greater foundation for more conscious work in non-ordinary realities. Finally, you will study Eastern Spirituality, Psych-Spirituality, and early Child Development.

This Program can also be taken solely for Personal Healing and Self-Transformation while utilizing the Shamanic Training in your existing profession. In training to be present for another, you learn to be more present for yourself, humanity, and the planet.
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“Patricia White Buffalo’s Walking the Shaman’s Path Program has been deeply transformative and healing on a personal level as well as exceptionally good training for aspiring Shamanic practitioners.  As I walked the medicine wheel, I reclaimed aspects of my soul and healed the wounds of lifetimes past and present. Amazing!  I cannot recommend this program emphatically enough.
~Juli, Graduate, Boulder Creek, CA~



Shamanism is the most ancient spirituality known to humankind and was practiced on every continent on the Earth. It is an earth-based spirituality that reveres everything, including our planet Earth, as alive in SPIRIT! In the Shamanic worldview, everything that exists is interrelated and interdependent, and the health and survival of humanity and our planet is dependent on maintaining a relationship between Mother Earth and all Nature Spirits. This ancient spirituality can be accessed by the doorway of the heart and going into an altered state for self-healing, and healing for humanity and the planet. Walking the Shaman’s Path is the ability to walk both worlds. Grounded in present reality and deeply connected to the altered reality of the Shamanic Realm (The Earth’s Spiritual World) for healing, guidance, and protection.   

In order to interact effectively in the parallel reality of the Shamanic Realm, you need to be proactive, empowered, and have the confidence to seek direct information for guidance and healing in any given situation regarding a client, humanity, or the planet. This requires the practitioner to master
the ability to enter, walk, interpret, and communicate within the Shamanic Realm, where all the answers and healing knowledge occur.

In this program, you will master the ability to enter the doorway of the Shamanic World. One of the basic forms that will be emphasized will be the Shamanic Journey, Chanting, Ceremony, and Trance Dance. With the aid of drumming and other repetitive sound techniques, you will learn to go into an altered state of consciousness that allows you to enter this mystical realm. After mastering this ability, you will learn how to use the information and shamanic techniques to heal and problem-solve at every level of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual being.

Although Shamanism has many different practices from its worldwide traditions, there are several core shamanic techniques that are universally shared. In this program, you will learn basic core techniques such as soul retrieval, recapitulation, power animal retrieval, extraction healing, past-life healing, soul remembering, ancestral healing, and elemental healing. Integrated with these core techniques is a perceptive blend of advanced shamanic techniques; they include sound, cellular, creation, systems of the body healing, and destiny healing.

In all traditions of shamanic studies, there is the importance of accessing one’s own helpers in the form of power animals, nature spirits, guardian spirits, and ancestors to aid the Practitioner in their healing work. In this program, you will be supported as you develop these vital connections to your shamanic helpers. And most importantly, receive support to help you connect to your own ancestral shamanic tradition.

“Shamanism is a path of knowledge, not of faith, and that knowledge cannot come from me or anyone else in this reality. To acquire that knowledge, it is necessary to step through the Shaman’s doorway and acquire empirical evidence.” 
~ Michael Harner, Ph.D. ~


5“Patricia, your course is amazing.  Even though I have been working on myself intensively for the last 12 years, I can’t believe how much healing, of very early childhood wounding, has taken place for me in just the first two classes”
~A.E. , PhD, Graduate, UK~

In the process of becoming a Shamanic Practitioner, one must walk their own personal healing journey to truly be able to guide another. In this program, you will be required to take this personal path of personal healing, self-transformation, and self-realization through the program’s main psychology/spiritual teaching, THE WHEEL OF AWAKENING, created by the founder and director of the Program, Patricia White Buffalo.

THE WHEEL OF AWAKENING is a unique model that utilizes the teachings of the ancient Medicine Wheel, Early Child Development, Transpersonal Psychology, and Eastern Spirituality. Through these teachings and experiential and transformational processes, Your Early Childhood Foundation is developed and strengthened. Your unhealthy egoic false beliefs are rewritten, and the DIVINE TRUTH of who you are is REALIZED.

The integration of personal process work with the training of Shamanism helps you become, more grounded, emotionally healthier, and more balanced with a stronger foundation of the lower chakra system and a clearer connection to your higher chakra system while opening the bridge to the upper and lower chakras system through the heart chakra, the doorway to the Shamanic realm.

By learning and experiencing the basic techniques in your own self-healing/self-transformational/Self- realization process, you learn how to walk your clients through their personal processes. This gives the Practitioner a greater ability to heal and serve others, humanity, and the planet.


Also incorporated into our Program is the ancient technique of Hands-on Healing, also known as Energy or Spiritual Healing.  Many cultures have practiced this technique for thousands of years; the Shaman or Medicine Healer of the tribe would channel healing energy to return health to their patient’s. 

You will learn the Chelation created by Rosalyn Bruyere. This is a very effective whole-body technique of laying-on hands healing. You will integrate it with several other techniques to balance, clear, and repair the Human Energy Field. You will learn how to combine Shamanic healing techniques to bring the most profound healing, which will impact all levels of our being.

“Patricia your Program is amazing! Three years ago I took a leap of faith, I was guided to you, and your Program. They have transformed my life! I am forever grateful to you for this.”  ~Lyn, Graduate of the New York Program~


                  “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the law of the universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man.”
                                  ~Albert Einstein~NewCamera2014-124-158x300


The true power of Shamanism is in the ability to walk in both worlds, with one foot in the present reality, and one foot in the parallel reality of the shamanic realm. By mastering this discipline, one has a greater ability to create profound and lasting transformational shifts in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

This program is solidly grounded in this discipline. It teaches students how to master the ability to enter and travel the parallel reality of the Shamanic Realm utilizing its transformational and healing potential. In addition, it also teaches the studies of anatomy, quantum physics, epigenetics, the science of the mind, and evolution, to solidly place our footing in present reality.

The marriage of scientific knowledge and the ability to travel in non-ordinary reality is unique and powerful for Self-Transformation and healing. This combination of studies and skills produces Shamanic Practitioners who are more solidly grounded in both worlds and more powerfully effective as conscious masters of creation.


To be an effective Shamanic Practitioner it’s important to genuinely connect and know how to work with various personalities toNewCamera2014-127-165x300 be able to reach clients at a deeper soul level. In this program, you will be taught the necessary skills to confidently give a personal interview, collect case history, and evaluate your client’s characterology. With this information, you will be better able to communicate and administer to your client. You will also learn the basic skills of transference, listening with presence, and contact while holding healthy boundaries. At a higher level of contact, you will learn how to directly communicate with your clients at a soul-to-soul level. This is an essentialNewCamera2014-499-300x202 skill to receive the confidence of your client so that deeper forms of healing can occur. Shamanism is sacred and powerful work that requires a high level of professionalism and ethics. Each participant will be taught and develop the basic professionalism and ethics necessary to hold the sacred trust of their client, humanity, and the planet in performing this work. Note: Several of these courses will be taught over the Internet on a Webcast site or as a telecourse, to allow more time during our class meetings to focus on the transformational and Shamanic work of the program.

“I am feeling so incredibly blessed and honored to be a part of this program, I have come so far personally and professionally. I am so very grateful for Patricia as a teacher and to experience all her wonderful gifts. I am a better human being now who is unafraid to be in my essence and shine my light. Patricia, you are my mirror. Thank you for all that you do and your tireless dedication to helping us…the rest of humanity awaken to our magnificence!”
~Amanda Wallis, Graduate of the New York Program~ 


One of the wonderful benefits of the program is the community that is created from gathering together with the same committed people for Self-Healing and Awakening. Deep lifetime heart-filled relationships are formed as you receive life-changing healings as well as give healings to your classmates. We become a loving, supporting tribe, in service to each other that goes way beyond graduation. With our Graduate Gatherings and Facebook Page with over 200 members, you no longer walk the path alone but with a tribe, THE RAINBOW TRIBE.  


 Walking the Shaman’s Path Program

1Is a three-year program consisting of three on-site 5-day classes each year, along with 6 telecourses, (telecourses are recorded if you cannot attend) each year. Students are only obligated to sign up one year at a time or prospective students are also welcome to sign up for the first class of the first year to experience the Program with no obligation to continue the year.
Applicants might be asked to have a phone interview for acceptance to the Program with the Program Director or one of the Program Teachers. Also recommended but not required are private sessions throughout the Program, to support your personal process, with a Shamanic Practitioner, (or other types of Healing Practitioners or additional Programs).
The following is required to receive a certification of completion: Attending all three years of the on-site classes (total of 9), listening to all telecourses between classes & completing reading assignments. Submitting the Graduate Personal Practice Form before graduation. This Program can be taken for PERSONAL HEALING AND SELF TRANSFORMATION only or students can complete the Graduate Program and become a CERTIFIED SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER. 

We highly recommend you receive private sessions throughout the program with a Shamanic Practitioner, (Other types of Practitioners or additional Programs are acceptable). If requested applicants can be required to have a phone interview with Program Director or Program Teachers.

The following is required to receive a certification of completion of the course: Attending all three years of the on-site classes, (total of 9), listening to all telecourses between classes & completing all reading assignments.

This Program can be taken for PERSONAL HEALING AND SELF TRANSFORMATION only or students can complete the Graduate Program and become Certified Shamanic Practitioners.

Walking the Shaman’s Path, Graduate ProgramP1000709-285x300

2The program also offers an optional graduate program. After completion of the three-year program, you will be eligible to participate in the Graduate Program. The Program is for students wanting to receive a Certification as a Shamanic Practitioner from the Program and their names are posted on Patricia’s website as referred Shamanic Practitioners.

The Graduate Program consists of a week-long vision quest at the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. (Note: if the student is not able to do the Vision Quest in California they will be able to do their own personal Vision Quest in their own state of their country.) In addition to receiving a certification, students must demonstrate proficiency in all teachings and skills, complete healing write-ups, required reading, and, an oral exam.

Email for an application and more details on cost & program requirements.

PROGRAM FACULTY  (Click for more information on our faculty)

“Thank you for your teachings and thank you for creating “Walking the Shaman’s program”. You have worked directly with my heart, you showed me the way & gently touching my hand showed me how to walk again. It was your love that brought me all the way through. Now I am learning how to walk on my own. But I know I am not alone, I am guided & I am LOVED! Yahoo
~Evgeniya, Graduate Germany Program~

“Your program changed me and “freed” me in so many ways. I am in DEEP GRATITUDE TO YOU for eternity and more. You are doing such deep and life-altering work, Patricia! ” Agnes Canada, Graduate Ca. Program


New Program Dates 2024: February 28 – March 3 / June 5-9 / October 9-13
Location: Kriunesvegur, is where our program will be hosted at the Hotel Kríunes only 15 min drive from Reykjavík. Hotel facilities are set in a land of unspoiled natural parkland with exceptional mountain views overlooking lake Ellidavatn.
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When I visited Iceland in 2018 I fell in LOVE WITH THE SPIRITS OF THE LAND. While walking the land I got direct guidance from the SPIRITS OF THE CORE OF THE EARTH, they are calling humanity to the island, to awaken the Shamanic teachings of the land and carry them to every continent on the Earth. I was asked to create a Shamanic Program so the teaching could be channeled to all participants. I welcome you if you are being called to join us. I promise it will be an amazing journey. The Program will be taught in English and we are gathering a large staff from Iceland, France, UK and Germany, and California. There will be three classes a year for three years. You are welcome to come to the first class to experience the program with no obligation to sign-up. Come and experience what we are about!

Please contact us if you want more information:  Contact

Thanks to you and your amazing program! I am not only a transformed human but also enjoying the never-ending journey of my soul toward a greater understanding of myself and life. I am forever grateful for the teaching, the support, and the tools you have provided. I know that I have already said this many times but there it is again: Thank you so very much!
~Agnieszka Marzok, Iceland Program~



New Program year #1 Dates 2024: March 13-17/ July 24-28 / October 30 – November 3
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tree & SkyLocation:
Quaker Center is a retreat center located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in northern California. On 80 acres of redwood forest, one hour and a half south of San Francisco, 25 minutes outside of Santa Cruz, and 30 minutes from Monterey Bay one of the most beautiful bays of California.
Quaker Center is a retreat & conference center under the care of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Quaker principles of simplicity, justice, peace and respect for “that of God” in every person.
The Quaker Center is a Shamanic Haven with its towering redwoods, gentle creek, and many trails to commune with the Nature Spirits. Also, a place to receive guidance from the Earth
with its 50 feet in diameter Labyrinth (A labyrinth is a patterned path, circular in form, used as walking meditation), and its outdoor Redwood Cathedral. Its here we will gather and call forth the Shamanic Realm, (Earth Spirits) for healing, guidance, support, and protection.

Prospective students are also welcome to attend the first class to experience the Program with no obligation to continue the Program. For an application and more details on cost & program requirements. Contact



New Program year #1 Dates 2024: April 15-20 / November 18-23
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Location: THE GREENHOUSE  (20+) Facebook
The Greenhouse is situated in the mountains of Antalya at an altitude of 600m and consists of 9 bungalows nestled under the treeline and a dining space and work space converted from two old adjoined greenhouses. Only 45 minutes from Antalya International Airport and half an hour from the Mediterranean Sea this space offers a serene working space immersed in nature serving wholesome locally grown food in a simple setting. Prospective students are also welcome to attend the first class to experience the Program with no obligation to continue the Program. For an application and more details on cost & program requirements.  Contact







I am grateful to Patricia and to the Shamanic realm. I have learned to trust so much! Through the teachings, experiential, and experiencing the Shamanic realm. I have learned to trust in my own healing abilities & skills and I’ve just learned to let go. I LOVE experiencing the magical Shamanic realm and I found my ability to trust the realm was just there! Effortless. I have felt in my cells the Divine pouring down through me in the East while walking the Wheel of Awakening, and for the first time, I experienced what it’s like for a baby to fall asleep in the safety of its Mother’s arms because that was my experience in the North. Thanks again Patricia, for this wonderful Program. You are a BLESSING on this planet Earth.
                                                        ~ Agnes Verches, Canada~


New Program, Dates 2024: October 2-6, 2024 click to contact for more information!
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Domaine le Hameau is in the South of France and has 25 years of experience in welcoming groups, the staff is warm, friendly, and very accommodating. The center is a beautiful, breathtaking view with a peaceful silence of the surrounding mountains. Watch a video of the center:

Lodging & Meals not included in tuition, an additional cost of 75 to 110 euros per day includes room and 3 meals daily. The cuisine caters to a healthy lifestyle with many choices.

Le Hameau de l’Etoile Retreat is easily accessed by train or plane to Montpellier then 40-minuted taxis drive to the retreat center.

Watch an overview of the French program and testimonies from participants :

Watch our INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANIC JOURNEYING with Patricia White Buffalo :