Shamanic Vision Quest

May 13-19, 2024


Location of the Vision Quest
I am excited to announce we will be offering our “Walking The Shaman’s Path” Vision Quest in Northern California at Cache Creek Wilderness. 

The Cache Creek Wilderness area is a secluded hilly expanse of beautiful grassy rolling hills, oak woodlands, and chaparral. The land is alive with native wildlife such as coyotes, deer, elk, river otters, black bears, wild pigs, turkey, and quail, to name a few. The river runs along the backside of the base camp and meanders along through the land bringing life to all who cross its path. The night sky at Cache Creek is vast; at night you will be covered with a blanket of stars. In the springtime, the wildflowers are colorful and the creek runs strong. This is a beautiful place to get in touch with Spirit, as the sky feels so close and the land feels so alive.  

The Native tribe, the Pomo, who used to inhabit this land, is one of the oldest tribes on the North American Continent. They found their way along the shores of the lakes where they fished, hunted, made reed baskets, and weaved boats out of the native grass, thule. Their wisdom and presence can still be felt when connecting with this unique land.  

The intention of the Vision Quest
Since time immemorial, people have gone to the wilderness to seek guidance and renewal, to let their old lives and old selves die, to find the conditions where Spirit may rekindle, reborn within them.” A Vision Quest is a personal spiritual journey undertaken by someone as a rite of passage, a means towards reaching a turning point in life to find oneself & seek a vision for one’s spiritual & life direction. Similar to initiation in some Native American cultures.
Note: The Vision Quest is reserved for graduates of the ‘Walking the Shamans Path Program’. We will accept non-graduates if space is available, please inquire.

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The fee for the Vision Quest includes; Two preparation Telecourses, Teachings, Ceremonies, Transportation, meals, and One night’s stay at  Mandala Springs Retreat. $985    

The Benefits of a Vision Quest:
~ Curing emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses
~ Discover your mission here
~ Commune with nature, spirit, your spirit guides, or deceased ancestor
~ Move beyond our molded paradigm ~ Find the truth, balance, and peace
~ Gain strength and courage to stand alone

Schedule of Events:
The quest will begin with a one-day of teachings, sharing, & ceremony. Then 3 days and 3 nights of personal Vision Questing, ending the Quest with an evening of sharing, feasting, and celebrating at Mandala Springs Retreat with a swimming pool and hot Tub.

vqbear~ Monday: Meet in Santa Cruz  or San Jose Airport or San Francisco Airport to be transported to the Vision Quest site
~ Monday: Questers prepare for their quest and are taken to the land for ceremonies & teachings (Lite Meals will be provided
~ Tuesday: Day 1 of the quest depart in the morning with a ceremony
~ Wednesday: Day 2 of the quest
~ Thursday: Day 3 of the quest
~ Friday: Questers return with drumming and smudging; sacred circle to share experiences. (Lite Meal will be provided)
~Friday: late afternoon leaving Vision Quest site to Middleton Town for a meal, (Cost of Meal is included)
~Friday: After meal arrive at Mandala Springs Retreat with swim pool & Hot Tub (Cost includes one night stay)
~Saturday: Morning breakfast and return home, San Francisco or San Jose or Santa Cruz

Vision Quest Guides
Mayi Goodenough will be our wilderness guide and Patricia WhiteBuffalo will be assisting her.

MAYI GOODENOUGH is a kind-hearted and empathic spiritual teacher. She has embraced the study of self-healing and spiritual awareness for many years. Living in Santa Cruz, California, Mayi enjoys being an active mother of two boys. She has studied Reiki, and Massage Therapy at Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts, and has been teaching in Patricia’s Shamanic Program since 2012. In addition, her life-long connection with horses brought her to become certified as an Equine Experiential Learning Coach and in the methodology of E.A.G.A.L.A  (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association), where the energy and spiritual sensitivity of horses guides one through the human healing experience. Mayi has participated and helped guide others on their quest for a vision three previous times.  She also graduated from Rock Creek Packing School where she learned the art of packing in the wilderness and currently spends much of her free time playing outside; hiking, backpacking, camping, and connecting with nature. She is also an instructor for Riekes Center For Human Enhancement, in the nature awareness department, where she works with children and develops a connection with nature as well as wilderness and survival skills. Mayi is passionate about connecting with Spirit through Nature and the elements. The shining light of Mayi’s heart will help guide you to a new realization, of a self that may have been long forgotten.

Patricia White Buffalo’s talents lie in several areas. She’s a teacher, a therapist, and an energy practitioner, as well as an accomplished musician who plays the Native American flute and drum to induce trance  & somatic states for healing &  transformation. Her journey of 35  years has been that of reclaiming the ways of walking in the shamanic world that she knew as a child. Along with deep personal transformation and healing and intensive spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical training to integrate them with her professional training as a therapist, teacher, and energy practitioner. Solidly grounded in both worlds, Patricia’s work is dedicated to empowering others by guiding and teaching them how to access the shamanic world on their own to gain a greater understanding of Shamanism and the benefits for, personal healing and transformation that it offers. Her loving presence and innately shamanic nature combine to make the Shamanic Realm accessible to others by helping them open their hearts and minds to the richness of this ancient world. Clients often comment that they’ve never been able to journey to the Shamanic realm until she’s guided them. Her training includes; A Bachelor of Science degree from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, that specialized in hands-on healing training and Psycho/ Spiritual development. An instructor and Assistant Dean for the school for 14 years,  A Core Energetic therapist trained in Body-Psychotherapy. And six years of training at the Center for Intentional Studies, studying Early Childhood Development and Transpersonal Psychology. She is also the creator and director of her own Shamanic Program, ‘Walking the Shaman’s Path, for the last 15 years.


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